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Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello, my name is Kyle Phillips.

I am a mother of two fabulous girls and happily married to my childhood sweetheart. Arts and crafts have always been an essential part of my life. I have a deep desire to bring creativity and passion into every aspect of my life.

One of my other passions is helping people. I love to listen to their stories, learn about their journeys, and fill up their spirit. I have been gifted with a strong sense of empathy, so happy stories lift my spirit. Hearing how they came through the storm propels me forward when life gets hard. When people share their sad moments with me, I long to provide inspiration, hope, and prayer for their healing. Everyone has a fantastic story, and I am so glad that God gave me the gift of listening and feeling their emotional journey.

On this website, I want to share stories and the things I am dealing with. I also want to share my crafts, recipes, DIY projects, and graphic designs. Since I love to travel, I hope you will be prepared to take these adventures and learn how to save on my travel expenses.

I am genuinely looking forward to sharing inspiration and creativity with you. I hope you enjoy what you find here and share my link with someone else. Thank you for checking out my website!

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