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The Port Is Now In

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This new chapter for my parents is really getting started now. My dad got his port in this week. It was a three-hour process that included a shot in his neck. He can now have his chemotherapy delivered through this port instead of new pokes and needles each time. They can also use it to draw blood, so that helps a lot.

He seems really positive about the whole thing. He and my Mom have a goal that he will be cancer-free by Christmas. I am praying for that miracle too. They make jokes about how ridiculous all of this is, including the six-hour chemotherapy sessions that will start next week.

Both of my parents love to laugh and be silly. We always had fun and played a lot when I was growing up. We even enjoyed joking about the bad days so they would not get us down, like the time our car caught on fire or the time my dad broke his hand playing softball. Laughter truly is the best medicine.

One of my most vivid memories is the day my brother tied my wagon to his bike, and during the big turn, I fell out and scraped off what I thought was half my face. I was so upset and crying big alligator tears. However, my mom wanted to distract me from the pain by taking my picture. She would not leave me alone and was being silly about the whole thing. I thought you would like that picture with you of how stupid I looked as the scraped-up five-year-old kid.

I honestly wonder if the laughter and the jokes will serve as better medicine than the chemo my dad will have to endure for the next couple of months. At least my mom and all of us kids and grandkids can come alongside him and offer jokes, silliness, and anything else that will bring laughter and positivity during this difficult season. Even my three-year-old cannot wait to tell everyone the new jokes that she makes up.

I hope you take time to laugh and be silly once in a while. It really can turn a bad day into a cherished memory. Sometimes you need to laugh so you won’t cry. 🤣