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The significance of the supporting role

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Right now, I am sitting in the parking lot waiting for my daughter to get out of her play rehearsal. I am so proud of her for being brave enough to go after her dreams. And even more proud that she is willing to sing a lead part even though she is somewhat afraid. She is growing into a remarkable young women. It truly is amazing to be part of her story and watch this story unfold from the beginning.

As I think about why we are at rehearsal, I cannot help but think about how important it is to have someone in your corner. My daughter wants to see what acting is like. She sees the fun of playing a part and being a celebrity someday. However, my husband and I continue to open her eyes to the other side for which she will need to be prepared. There will be rejection, jealousy, and criticism at some point in this journey.

Those moments are when we need someone in our corner. Maybe it is someone who pushes you like a mom or your always peppy cheerleader/bestie. Maybe you have someone who prays over you or a mentor who constantly pours into you. And maybe that person is you. Some of us have been born with a strong drive and mindful self control.

Can you picture the person, and how they have helped you move closer to your goals? I definitely can, but it is not just one person. I have witnessed God’s handiwork as he has placed specific people in my life at just the right time. Depending on where I was emotionally, it may have taken me longer to respond. And it was definitely not always the person I expected to show up for me. I have been intrigued by the mystery of it all.

I have also been extremely grateful to be that person for others especially my daughters. There have been so many moments where I was able to come along side someone and speak hope and inspiration into their lives. It made a tremendous impact on both of us. A serendipitous moment that could never have been planned that perfectly and brought such joy to our hearts.

As I take time to share more of my stories, these people will be highlighted and recognized based on their character and not their name. They have shaped who I am and the paths I have walked and their part of my journey is utterly important. My part in their journey may also be significant. That’s what is so amazing about our lives, and why need to pay attention to the small things.

Now I want to share a quote one of my favorite 80’s movies. I hope you like it!