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Truth in the Fairy Tale

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One of my husband’s favorite movies is The Princess Bride. We love to watch it together and laugh at all of the fantastic one-liners. Even our kids enjoy watching it because it is magical and full of adventure.

If you’ve never seen the movie, it’s a love story about a beautiful young woman named Buttercup and a farm boy, Wesley, and the many challenges they encounter in pursuit of love. Wesley is wholly devoted to her, and she eventually realizes she cares deeply for him. Wesley, being a poor farm boy, leaves to earn enough to marry Buttercup by sailing aboard a merchant ship. But, shortly after they set sail, Buttercup receives word that Wesley is believed to be dead. After a significant turn of events, he comes back for her and is a completely changed person.

From this point forward, the movie begins to get a lot more exciting. Buttercup is put in a terrible situation but is rescued by a person she never expected to see again. They are reunited and face many more trials in the fire swamp before Wesley ends up in the “Pit of Despair.” However, even death cannot keep him from fulfilling his purpose and fighting for what is right.

I have spent the past year jumping through multiple trials and falling into my own pit of despair. Nothing has been easy, stable, or comfortable for me. It was a challenging year full of heartache and too many trials to count. I prayed so much for things to improve or feel peace amid my pain, but that was not what I needed. Just like Wesley, I needed a significant turn of events to help me see a new side of myself and my true purpose.

Image of sailboat with a quote. It says: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." Quoted by H Jackson Brown, Jr.

My eyes were opened to see a life that no longer made sense to me. I had spent so much time focused on stability and comfort because I thought that was what my family needed. This lack of focus is similar to what Buttercup did in the movie by accepting Prince Humperdink’s proposal. Sometimes we make decisions based on what we think we should do, and we never question it as a truth or our need for it in the first place. When the Covid pandemic hit, my veil was blown off by the crushing reality of change, instability, and quarantine. In comparison, Buttercup’s veil was torn by the nightmares that plagued her.

After struggling to walk through the bleak moments of the past year, I am now happy that my veil was ripped away. Because it has given me a clearer picture of what I want my life to be and how I want to spend it with those I love. I am sure that Buttercup was happy to wake up from both her nightmare and the unsatisfying life she had intended to live. Happily ever after would never have worked if she married someone that she did not love or made her happy. We all must realize that our happiness and dreams may not fit the standard formula for life. We may need to adjust our focus and concentrate on the passion that lives in our hearts.

Have you ever chased a dream to realize that it was not meant for you? Now can you look back at that time in your life without regret? If you can, then you have made peace with that experience. If it still haunts you, that’s OK. I have been there, too. I have recently started to recover, but I know that staying there causes bitter roots to grow. I did not want that for me, and I don’t want that for you either.

Remember that you have the power to move toward your own destiny and that it is meant for you and no one else. Additionally, this message is only one of the great lessons contained within this fantastic fairy tale. I hope you will take time to watch it if you haven’t yet.

Thank you for reading!

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