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For Perseverance

Word image that states "Faith Hope Love"

This verse is always close to my heart. I continuously pray that I will be a loving person and choose to have faith and hope in everything. I know that I need to focus on this prayer because it is easy to get lost in pain, a need to be comfortable, or busyness.

Sometimes life can feel like the worst country road, full of potholes and uneven pavement. Your only path can make you feel sick and shaken to your very core. But with faith, you know that you are not alone. And with hope, you know that a smoother path is on the horizon, and you will reach it soon. You must also strive to wake up each day with gratitude and love for life’s storms, lessons, and warm moments in the sun during times of peace.

I hope you will take a moment today and focus on gratitude. The grace I have been given and my family are always the first items on my list. However, I have been spending more time being thankful for the serendipitous moments that bring a smile to my face. While I try not to forget the “A-HA” moments that bring clarity to the lessons I have learned.

Life can be pretty intriguing, but you may need to get quiet to see its mystique.