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Calm in the Storm

I am supposed to be on vacation and enjoying Spring Break with my kids. Having fun with my kids is never usually an issue because we love to laugh, go places, and hang out. However, the circumstances of this trip to Tennessee have not been exactly as we expected.

The day after my parents arrived at the log cabin they rented, my dad had a mild stroke and ended up in the hospital. Of course, this is on top of the pancreatic cancer he is already battling. As I continue to learn, getting older is not for the faint of heart. Medical issues can start mounting, and there are no cheap and easy solutions that completely heal your body.

His hospital stay continues to grow based on other issues he has been experiencing. We initially thought he would be out of the hospital after one night of observation, but now we are working on day number four and a blood transfusion. As much as we all hate him being here, I think we are all glad that they are working hard to make him feel better.

Through this whole situation, we are so lucky that his stroke was mild, and the EMTs were so quick to show up. Even in his weakened condition, he is a fighter. He strives to bounce back to the husband and father we recognize. He is genuinely a great man who loves his family.

As this challenging situation has progressed, God has continuously shared his peace with me. It truly is a feeling of peace beyond understanding because it comes over me in those crushing moments of pain and grief. It allows my mind to clear and everything to slow down long enough to work through the flood of confusion and negative thoughts. I feel eternally grateful for this gift and the grace it provides as I continue to move forward.

How do you deal with these types of moments? Have you ever felt a flood of peace in the middle of an emotional storm? Have you felt the presence of God holding your broken pieces together? I have been lucky enough to experience God’s arms surrounding me and heard other amazing stories of it happening to others. Please feel free to share your thoughts and stories here.